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[And now Peter's barging into the room, because sorry, Harry, but there's no loyalty from your staff when it comes to Peter.]

Good morning, babe.

[Yes, he's launching himself on top of your blanketed outline, a sprawl of limbs.] Wake uuuuuup!
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[Clearly it's punishment for a past life.

Peter laughed and pressed down harder onto Harry. He's not above wrestling him out of bed - it's probably a bad sign on Harry's part that Peter has done this before.]

Get up! I'm here to entertain, and I promised myself coffee so you are coming with me!
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[If only Harry was aware of how futile an effort it really was, trying to get away from him. Not only is Peter, obviously, insanely strong, but he's always been wily, with the ability to octopus onto any surface. So they roll over and become a tangle of limbs and blanket, and Peter's pretty sure he's going to go completely blue from laughing.]

Get up and put one of your ridiculously expensive pairs of sunglasses on. Let's go, Osborn!
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[Peter has never, in his entire life, been intimidated by a Harry Osborn glare, and if he wasn't already laughing (he was), this only exacerbated the problem. Peter tugged gently on the blanket - his way of being polite.]

Now that is where you're wrong. I can flip this mattress with you on it. But I thought I'd try to be nice first.
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Try me, Osborn. [Oh, please try him. He'd love to watch you squawk as you were dumped on your ass.]

That's not what best friends are for, Harry! You want someone who'll let you wallow, get a groupie. [Peter laughed, letting himself relax on the mattress for a second when Harry basically shoved him back into it. His hand came up to rest on Harry's shoulder for a second - peaceful, until he gets ready to flip you over.] Get up, seriously. Let's get you some water and advil, dude. And food! All you ate last night were those onion rings. [A brief pause, in which Peter tilts his head to look down at Harry on his chest.] Do you even remember the onion rings?
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Years of experience. Hey. [Peter tugged at the blanket, trying to unearth his friend. Poor Harry. Next time, Peter wasn't going to accept his futile challenge; but fuck if it wasn't funny at least once.] You need to eat, come on! iHOP, Dennys, the world is your oyster.

[Peter nudges him again at the grumble, trying to shift him on his chest but fuck if Harry isn't a rock.]

You actually made one. It was like hell trying to get them into your mouth, though.
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Because I'm here now, you doofus. Get up. [Peter nudged Harry again, chest rising and falling with laughter when Harry metaphorically buries his head in the sand and refuses to move.] You need food in your stomach to soak up the alcohol.

Yeah well, if I'd been able to get more of them in your mouth, maybe you wouldn't feel so shitty. Lesson learned: always listen to me. [Have an 'I-told-you-so' eyebrow raise, Harry.]
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[Yeah, this predicament is only going to end badly for you, Harry, when he upends your sorry ass onto the floor. Dangerous game, using a Parker as a pillow.] This isn't really a negotiation, Harry. Look at it this way - it can't get worse.

[The curls really are a mess, and Peter has to bite his lip to keep from more strenuous laughter. It's kind of a losing battle.] Don't ask questions you don't want to know the answer to.
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You'll feel better! Get up, get moving, get your blood flowing! [Peter nudges him again, fully preparing to shift Harry entirely from his chest to the less-than-forgiving hardwood floor.] Coffee will fix that.

Woah, pot kettle, dude. You put me through the seventh ring last night. [The swat lands harmlessly on his shoulder, and Peter raises an amused eyebrow down at Harry.]
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[Aw, Peter wants to shove him to the cold hard floor, but how can he when Harry looks so floofy and happy just chilling on his chest? He settles for poking at Harry's cheek with his finger, but seriously, he is going to get up at some point.]

Uh huh. You're lucky I don't have a cameraphone. Though I'm sure you took plenty of drunk selfies.
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Maybe she's born with it. [Maybe it's a genetically-modified, radioactive spiderbite.] Come on, get up.

[Peter jerks his chest enough to shift Harry, though not enough to toss the poor guy onto the floor. Last chance, Osborn. Peter's mercy only extends so far.]
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Only if you start. [Alright, Osborn, he's had enough. Peter sighs and sits up, turning his body enough so his feet are facing Harry's torso. Poor guy's not going to know what hit him - it's not like he has much of a chance against super strength. The blanket makes Peter's lips quirk into a smile, but he grabs it with both hands and pulls, using one of his feet to shove Harry onto the floor and snatch the blanket away from him.] Up and at 'em, sunshine!
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[Peter takes the liberty of wrapping the blanket around his shoulders like a poncho, and he's totally grinning when Harry pops back up. That grin only intensifies when he sees the hair, which is arguably in worse shape than his own.

He answers Harry with a laugh best described as a cackle, ducking and letting the pillow projectile clip him in the shoulder.]

I said get up. Do you think this is a game? [His amused expression isn't exactly lending much weight to his words.]
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[The wrestling match is so close Peter's spidey sense actually starts a low, playful hum at the back of his head, which is surprising enough when Harry manages to pull himself back from the lunge. Peter stifles a laugh into the blanket, watching as Harry stomps over to the closet.]

Very. C'mon, I let you sleep in.

[Yeah, sure, he'd pay. Peter snorted, flopping onto his back while he waited for Harry to pull himself together.]
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Sure, Harry.

[Peter folded his arms behind his head, watching as Harry stomped over to his closet to get himself into some semblance of a presentable shape. Hey, Harry absolutely did this to himself, Peter was just there to witness it. Pft, sometimes you need a good kick in the pants!]

You could be a little happier to see me, ole buddy ole pal. [Peter will say, the way Harry pulled himself together was fairly impressive. Wouldn't even notice the aura of 'hungover' if you didn't know him well enough. Well, mostly. He still seemed fairly disgruntled.] Don't drink the eel next time, maybe.
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[Not punishment! Friendly encouragement! Jeez, Harry, such an endless drama queen.]

Maybe it's because I'm pretty. [He's totally batting his eyelashes oh-so-innocently, the shithead, a wide grin just barely held back on his lips. Barely.] I'll unhinge my jaw like a snake and swallow it whole. No wasting food!

[Peter stuck his tongue out and sprawled out even more over the bed, rolling around in the blanket.] Are you done throwing a fit yet?
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[Seriously. Drama. Queen.]

That hurts. That hurts real deep, Harry. And to think I gussied myself up for you! [Peter mock-scoffs, running one hand lazily through his hair. It was already a mess, and would only get worse as the day progressed.] Like I said, snake jaw.

[He's an insufferable shit, what can he say? Peter yelps when Harry leaps at him, enjoying the zing across his senses. It's not danger, but a playfully low thrum - Harry's serious but he's not trying to hurt Peter. To make matters worse, he starts laughing, wrestling with Harry and totally knocking his sheets into complete disarray.]